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🎄Finally! A Felt Christmas tree that your Toddler can decorate over and over and leave the real one alone!🎄
Funnel DIY Felt Christmas Tree

Not only do you save time and money over making your own, there are no needles, no sloshy water, no broken ornaments, kids can rearrange as many times as they like... The best part, fold it all up into a ziplock bag at the end of the packing!

From: Jennifer Nielsen

RE: Fantastic High Quality Felt Christmas Tree!

So cute! Great for families with small kids.

Decorating is a blast and is often changed daily.

This was a great alternative to having a Christmas tree. I have 4 cats and 3 kids. One of my kids is just 2 and one of the others has ASD.

Having a tree is very hard for us because the kids touch it too much. This felt tree was great, finally a tree I could hang up and not worry about the kids/cats knocking it over or getting hurt.

The tree is made from heavy, high quality felt and the ornaments are stitched not glued. It's about 4 ft tall once you put the star on it. Has prepunched hole to put on the Wall with a thumb tack. I only needed one to secure it.

The tree has a star for the top and a trunk for the bottom. Has Velcro sewn on the tree to add trunk and star.

The tree also comes with tons of ornaments (also made with same high quality heavy felt) these also attach with stitched Velcro tabs unlike cheaper glued ones. Bells, presents, snowman, candy and snowflakes are some examples of the fleet ornaments included.

I dressed it up with some battery operated lights (not included purchased on my own). It was a perfect Christmas tree! This is a great gift to give anyone with small children. With my daughter having autism, this was a GREAT idea for my family. She loved decorating it.

So easy and fun!

I have seen other similar products go for such much more money! I know from experience trying to make my own that the costs add up and the cheaper ones just fall apart.

I think this tree is a great value, especially for the high quality materials used. Easy to install and store.

What Our Customers ARE SAYING:

- Erin B.

Our little man loves this tree! Sturdy with quality felt for the tree and ornaments. Easy to put on and take off. Totally worth it!

- Stef G.

The cutest little tree! My son loved it and it was fun placing the “ornaments” on and switching them around every now and then!

- Jennifer D.

Super cute tree! My daughter has taken it apart and put it back together so many times! Definitely a purchase I'm glad I made.

- Carol C.

Our grandchildren love this and they change the decorations around every time they come.

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"Love love love this!"

Love love love this! My two year old can redecorate her tree over and over again! I added my own string lights to it. How adorable. Such a good buy and it kept him away from the real tree.

 - Amberley Proctor , 28

"...absolutely tickled to decorate it"

This tree is adorable, it was a great value and my kids were absolutely tickled to decorate it today. Amazing for kick starting our love of the Christmas holiday! 5 stars hands down 

 - Sarah Sue , 36

"They like to play with it everyday"

My grandchildren love it. They like to play with it everyday. It is very easy to use and put up. They have the best time adding the "ornaments" and then moving them around.

 - Karen Wilson, 57

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Can this be reused?

YES! The velcro ornaments can be removed and replaced as many times as you want!

How tall is the tree?

Standing higher than all other felt Christmas trees on the market at well over 3ft you will not be disappointed!

What material is it made from?

YES! We use thicker felt and no glue so our tree lasts longer than others!

Isn't it cheaper to make my own?

NO! As a mom I had the same question, after purchasing all the materials and spending time to put it together it was more expensive and very time consuming. ;-)

Can I attach it to the wall?

YES! There is a loop at the very top and you can hang it with a nail or push pin.

Can it be stored easily?

YES! It is super easy and small enough to pack away for next year!

How long does it take to ship?

Due to high demand for our products, Please expect your order to be delivered within 7-14 business days to the United States , and 2 - 5 weeks for international delivery. All our items ship from distribution centers located in Europe and Asia.

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